GST Registration

Goods and service tax is an indispensable and indirect tax that has been carried out in India to displaced multiple taxes. Before moving to GST registration we must know about what is GST? GST means goods and services tax hair goods represent things. Before GST is not implemented in India then the tax system is divided in in two parts that is a direct tax and indirect tax. After that, on 29 March 2017 GST e registration has been passed in the parliament. This goods and service tax is applicable on 1st July 2017 in India from that day India became one nation one tax country in the world.

What is the GST registration?

In the GST authority, a business whose turnover exceeds from 40 lakh rupees then there will be a GST registration required for a normal taxable person. This complete process is known as GST registration. On the other hand, there are a few exceptional cases where GST registration is compulsory. If any organisation running a business without registering under GST then it will come under offence service of GST. These organisation will pay heavy penalties. If any organisation won how to do GST registration it will take hardly 2 to 6 working days. GST registration process is also short. Any organisation can register within 3 easy steps.

Important document required for GST registration

  • PAN card
  • Business certificate of incorporation
  • Business owner ID with address proof and photograph
  • Registered address proof of business
  • Your bank account statement
  • class 2 digital signature ( if you can run a company or limited liability partnership)

What is the GST registration process?

  • First of all, open the official website and select GST REG-01 for new registration. Completely fill the application form of GST REG-01.
  • Complete part 1 GST registration which includes name, PAN card, mobile number, etc.
  • After completing part 1 registration of GST you will receive an OTP that OTP will take you to GST registration form part 2.
  • Completely fill part 2 of GST REG-01. In the path to you have to attach a few documents and ID your business.
  • If other information is required apart from the information given by you then GST REG-03 will be issued for you.
  • After receiving GST REG-03, you have to submit the form GST REG-04 by submitting within 7 days.
  • Now the GST registration process is over if your registration is confirmed then within 3 days the registration certificate will be issued in the form of GST REG-06. In the certificate, you are having your GST number.

Penalty for not registering under GST

If any organisation is not paying goods and service tax and showing genuine error then that organisation must have to pay a penalty of 10% the total tax amount. The minimum amount of rs 10,000 will be charged as a penalty.

The penalty will be 100  per cent of the tax amount when the wrongdoer has purposely circumvented paying taxes.